Ulaga Teaser by Ifé

Ulaga is a fusion of Afrosoul and Pop. Ifé uses Ulaga as a tough masquerade to depict afflictions that
befalls us as humans (old and young) asking the masquerade questions and reminding it that no
matter what It does, the tough times it creates won’t last forever. There is light at the end of the
tunnel so long we keep being resilient and focused.

Ifé is a multi-talented Nigerian born Singer, recording artist, Songwriter and all round instrumentalist
(guitar, piano, thumb piano) who centers her music on African culture, history and heritage. This
motivates her to research into traditional Igbo folk songs and transfuse them with Afro-Soul,
Alternative music and Pop idioms. The result is a compelling, futuristic sounding adventure in new
music. Her music journey remains rivetingly adventurous as she also explores with different sounds.
She has found a permanent place in the hearts of many with her sound and style of music.

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